Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal for men & women

What is it?

Laser Hair Removal is a procedure that uses a concentrated beam of light
(laser) to remove unwanted hair. The laser is absorbed by the pigment
(melanin) in the hair and the light energy is converted to heat, thereby
damaging the hair follicle and inhibiting future growth.

We offer a powerful, virtually pain-free, highly effective treatment that
offers zero downtime and is safe on most skin types. We recommend 6-8
treatments, and clients frequently report a significant hair reduction
within just 3 treatments.

How to Prep for your Treatment:

1.Please shave the area to be treated prior to arriving. In the event you are
unable to shave properly, we will shave you for an additional $25 fee.

2. Do not pluck, tweeze, use depilatory agents, or undergo electrolysis in
the area you wish 6 weeks prior to the procedure

3. Keep track of any antibiotics and medications; please stop retinol 1 week
prior to treatment

4. Avoid sun exposure for 4 weeks prior to treatment

No Pigment? No Problem!

We have a solution that selectively deposits natural melanin directly into the hair follicle when sprayed on the desired area without staining the surrounding skin. The proprietary formulation includes submicroscopic
spheres which are small enough to effectively penetrate the hair follicle. This results in melanin-rich follicles which allows clients with non-pigmented hair to benefit from Laser Hair Removal. This product is FDA approved and has repeatedly proven to successfully treat blond, gray &  white hair with many happy clients!

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